Thursday, June 16, 2011

Guess what???

I am so excited to share with everyone that I recently opened up a shop of Etsy!  YAY!  I kept the same name "QueenOfAllCrafts" - figured that would be easiest.  And, everyone would know it's "ME"

There's a link at the top right-hand corner of my blog... or you can find it here...

Not ALL my customers I realize are "eBayers" so I'm thrilled that I can also offer mom's knit & crochet patterns (along with other fun needlework) BESIDES eBay.

Have a wonderful day everyone.
Kathy =]
Recently listed on eBay!

Are these cute or what!?  I especially love the "Scrapbook" birdhouse above!  Notice how the tags spell out "B I R D" - LOVE IT!

eBay store: QueenOfAllCrafts

eBay store: QueenOfAllCrafts
Needlework Consignment Shop!