Needlework Consignment Info!

Kathy Oakleaf Brentlinger
Newark, Ohio 43055

Specializing in Needlework Consignment Sales!  Whether you need a small personal needlework/craft reduction... or an entire store liquidation - I CAN HELP!

HOW? Read on...

     I've sold hundreds of needlework/craft items and other miscellaneous collectibles through on-line auctions (eBay) for over 10 years, and have become very successful. And I can do the same for YOU! Having an eBay store, allows me to list beautiful auctions with LOADS of photos and matching templates quickly and efficiently. I started selling on eBay to help my mom sell her patterns, dolls and yarns, and I still sell those items today! You see, my mom opened up her first Yarn Shop/Mail Order Company back in 1972, and I've been working by her side for over 25 years! I too share in my mom's passion for everything needlework, and it's why I'm so successful today. My specialties include: Cross-Stitching, Knitting, Crocheting, Needlepoint & Quilting.

     Customer service is so important to me, and all my customers know that. They see it in my auctions, they see it in my emails, and they see it when their package arrives. I can't help but put myself in their shoes. By offering good quality needlework/crafts, with numerous photos that include detailed descriptions, stating exactly what they will receive. We will have very successful auctions!

No more waiting on commission checks!  Rather than sell your items on consignment and have to wait until your items sell to receive a check…. I am now offering to buy your stash from you.  I can write you a check, money order, or pay you via PayPal.  It doesn’t matter to me.  I want to be your “outlet” for your unwanted needlework items.  There is no need to try to sell your treasures in a yard/garage sale yourself for pennies!  If I like your items, I just might buy your entire lot!  Best of all, you’ll know that your items will be sent to other needleworkers who will appreciate and take care of your goods.
Below I’ve posted several questions and answers that might help in your decision.  If you don’t see your question answered… please contact me – I’m happy to help!
Q: What items actually qualify as "needlework/crafts"
A: That's easy! If you can find it in a Yarn Shop, Cross Stitch Shop, Needlepoint Shop, Quilt Shop or Craft shop... it qualifies as "needlework/crafts." Example: Yarns, Patterns, Kits, Books, Threads, Fabrics, Floss's, Needlepoint Canvas's and kits, Pattern Charts/Leaflets, Scrapbooking, Painting, and everything in between.
Q: I only have a few items. Can you still help me? 
A: Yes! It helps of course when they are "like" items, but as long as they are in good condition... odds are, I'll buy it!
Q: I see that you are located in Ohio. Can I deliver my needlework/craft items to you personally to save us both on shipping?
A: YES! My Storage/Office facility is located about 30 miles East of Columbus. If you are able to deliver your items yourself, please send me an email, so we can discuss the arrangements. Or... maybe you live in Ohio, but have too many items to ship yourself. NO PROBLEM! Pick-up service is available!  I would be happy to discuss pick-up arrangements. Just send me an email including your address, with a brief description (plus photos if possible!) of what you'd like to sell (plus how many boxes of course). And I will get back with you shortly to discuss the arrangements.
Q: I am not from Ohio, but I have a LOT of needlework/craft treasures. How do I get the merchandise to you? 
A: I recommend UPS, Fed Ex, or the US Post Office. If you have a VERY large inventory, there are other shipping companies that will deliver your items on a pallet for "x" amount of dollars. Check your local yellow-pages (directory) to see if there are other shipping companies in your area.
Q: Some of my needlework kits have been opened. Will you still buy them? 
A: YES! Whether your items are in new condition or used, as long as they are in good condition with nothing missing etc. ALL needlework sells! Don't pitch it, PACK IT!
Q: I have a lot of "left-over" yarns I'd like to sell. Most are new and unused, but some of my "stash" is partial skeins. Will you still buy them? 
A: YES! Yarn is one of my best sellers, and it doesn't seem to matter much if they have been used or not. If I like what I see.... I'LL BUY IT!
Q: I'm ready to show you my "stash". What do I do? 
A: GREAT! Just send me an email with a description of your items (with photos please!) to, tell me approximately how many boxes (or truck-loads!) you have. I will respond to your email quickly with my offer. Please keep in mind, that I purchase needlework to SELL, so I cannot offer you full retail price. But, if I like what I see, I'll offer you a fair price on your items.
Q: Do I need to photograph EVERY item?
A: NO! It is not necessary to take a photo of each and every piece! If possible, try to place everything on a big table, spread out as much as you can, stand back and take a picture. Then take a few pictures "up close" so that I can actually SEE what you have such as yarn labels, books/patterns/magazine titles, and so forth.

Q: My photos are a little blurry, and hard to see. Do you have any suggestions?
A: Yes! This happens to me all the time and it can be very frustrating. I am certainly not a professional photographer, but this is what I do. First of all, I own/use a digital camera, sometimes my photos are a little blurry (usually when I'm inside!), however if I turn the "flash" on, my photos usually turn out just fine! Give it a try – this seems to work for me! If that doesn't help and your photos are still blurry, please ask a friend for help! It's very hard for me to offer you money for your items, when I can't SEE your collection.

STILL NOT SURE? Email me your questions or comments to:

eBay store: QueenOfAllCrafts

eBay store: QueenOfAllCrafts
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