Needlework Consignment Info!

Kathy Oakleaf Brentlinger
Newark, Ohio 43055

Specializing in Needlework/craft auctions! But I can help you sell ANYTHING of value! Whether you need a small personal needlework/craft reduction... 
or an entire store liquidation - I CAN HELP!

HOW? Read on...

     I've sold hundreds of needlework/craft items and other miscellaneous collectibles through on-line auctions (eBay) for over 5 years, and have become very successful. And I can do the same for YOU! Having an eBay store, allows me to list beautiful auctions with LOADS of photos and matching templates quickly and efficiently. I started selling on eBay to help my mom sell her patterns, dolls and yarns, and I still sell those items today! You see, my mom opened up her first Yarn Shop/Mail Order Company back in 1972, and I've been working by her side for over 25 years! I too share in my mom's passion for everything needlework, and it's why I'm so successful today. My specialties include: Cross-Stitching, Knitting, Crocheting, Needlepoint & Quilting.

     Customer service is so important to me, and all my customers know that. They see it in my auctions, they see it in my emails, and they see it when their package arrives. I can't help but put myself in their shoes. By offering good quality needlework/crafts, with numerous photos that include detailed descriptions, stating exactly what they will receive. We will have very successful auctions!

Obviously, the most important question on your mind is....
How much will you (owner of merchandise) make? I am offering you my professional on-line auction services on a straight 60/40 commission split. You make 60% of the final end-of-auction sales price, and I make 40%. This is non-negotiable, and does not matter if you are a shop owner or not. My job is to take your needlework/craft items that for whatever reason, you don't want or need anymore, and try to sell it for you at a MUCH higher profit than had you sold it in a yard sale (or the like). If any of your auctions has a final end-of-auction sale price over $400, then my commission lowers. My commission tier goes like this...

If your auction has a "final bid" of UNDER $400... my commission is 40%.
If your auction has a final bid of $401 - $1,000... my commission is 35%.
If your auction has a final bid of $1001 - $10,000... my commission is 30%
If your auction were to have a final bid of OVER $10,000... my commission will be a negotiated amount.
Sound reasonable? Ready to start?

Listed below are several questions and answers to help you understand everything in detail. If you still have questions, or are ready to start... send me an email at: , give me a brief description of the items you'd like me to sell (plus photos if possible!), and I'll quickly let you know my current availability.
Q: What items actually qualify as "needlework?/crafts"
A: That's easy! If you can find it in a Yarn Shop, Cross Stitch Shop, Needlepoint Shop, Quilt Shop or Craft shop... it qualifies as "needlework/crafts." Example: Yarns, Patterns, Kits, Books, Threads, Fabrics, Floss's, Needlepoint Canvas's and kits, Pattern Charts/Leaflets, Scrapbooking, Painting, and everything in between. PLEASE NOTE: Neither one of us are going to make any money unless we're selling GOOD QUALITY MERCHANDISE! I cannot stress that enough!
Q: Is needlework and crafts the ONLY thing you'll sell?
A: NO! Which is one of the reasons why I offer a "tiered" commission scale. Although, needlework and crafts ARE my specialty, I can help you sell just about anything of value. Please email me with a description (and photos if possible) of the items you'd like to sell, and I will get back with you quickly with my current availability. Please note, that I have the right to refuse your items. I will reply to your email and let you know which item(s) I will sell... and which item(s) I won't. I currently do not have a license to sell: Cars, Real Estate, or Land.
Q: What about all the FEES you have to pay after the listing has ended. Do I (the owner of the needlework/crafts) have to pay those fees out of my 60% commission?
A: ABSOLUTELY NOT! I pay all of eBay's necessary fees including PayPal fees with my commission.
Q: I only have a few items. Can you still help me?
A: Yes! It helps of course when they are "like" items, but as long as they are in good condition... odds are, it will sell.
Q: I have so much needlework, a little of everything. Do I need to sort and separate items before I ship them to you?
A: That is entirely up to you. This tedious chore IS included in my services. It helps to include a list of all items in each box, but is not necessary. However, if you DO sort and separate... it does make my job a bit easier, and therefore I'll be able to list your items quicker.
Q: I see that you sometimes have many auctions going at once. How will I know which are MY auctions?
A: Great question! There really is only one way to separate YOUR auctions, from OTHER people's auctions, and that is to include your initials (or any predetermined set of letters) in the title of ALL of your listings. Example: Sally Jones (SJ) has 10 different auction listings, she can easily see which listings are hers by simply typing "SJ" in the search box in my eBay store. ALL of her auctions will be shown. Don't worry... I will email you and let you know what letters I've used in your auctions.
Q: When can I expect to be paid once the listing ends?
A: You can expect your payment within approximately 30 days AFTER the auction ends. Why so long? There's several reasons actually. I am a HUGE customer service fan, and allow ALL my customers up to 7 days to pay for their item(s). Many customers will bid on SEVERAL auctions to save on their shipping expenses, and this may cause even more delays. I am usually able to ship orders within 48 hours of cleared payment. It can take anywhere from 3 to 10 days to reach the customer (sometimes longer if it's shipped out of the country). They then have 7 days to return the items if they are not completely satisfied. All my customers love this... it assures them they are purchasing from a very reputable eBay store. And that is VERY important to me. Of course my goal is to pay you within a timely manner, but I also need to make sure I have happy customers who are pleased with their purchase, so they keep coming back for more!
Q: What happens if my item(s) doesn't sell?
A: Although it's rare, it can happen. I can NOT guarantee that your item(s) will sell, nor can I tell you how much your item(s) will sell for. I can guarantee you that I have a large customer base, of other fellow needleworkers & crafters from all over the world looking for all sorts of these treasures. There are literally thousands of people searching eBay everyday looking to purchase these items. As long as you are selling good quality needlework/crafts, in good condition... it should sell with no problems. On the rare chance that one of your listings/auctions doesn't sell, NO PROBLEM! I will email you so we can discuss return arrangements. Or, I'd be happy to donate this item to our local Goodwill store.
Q: What happens when the winning bidder doesn't pay?
A: This is also rare, but can and does happen. eBay takes this very seriously. Each bid you make is a binding contract to buy the item if you win. Not paying for an item after you have agreed to buy it, has some negative consequences and are dealt with accordingly. Even after I have sent the buyer a "friendly payment reminder" email, and that person does not respond or pay... I have no other choice but to report this said buyer to eBay and fill out the "unpaid buyer" report. Once that has been filled out eBay allows another few days for them to make payment, and if that person still does not pay. I will offer this listing to the next highest bidder, if that person does not respond, I can either relist that auction, or email you to discuss return arrangements. You will of course be notified via email if this ever happens.
Q: How long do your auctions run?
A: 7 Days
Q: What is your starting bid?
A: Usually, I start auctions at just .99 cents. Why so low? You'll have to trust me on this one. I have found that when you start the bidding at a low start, it tends to bring in a lot more bidding. What does that mean to you? More bids that equal higher profits!! HOWEVER... It really just depends on what your selling. If you'd like to sell something that is worth say... $200, we could start the bidding at $99. As long as we are starting the bidding at a low but fair price... you should have a very successful auction.
Q: If I know that my items are worth say... $100. Can you put a reserve on it?
A: I personally have not had much luck with "reserves". Not only is it more expensive to list auctions with this feature, it also takes away from the fun of a true auction. Often when buyers see that there is a "reserve" on an auction, they are more likely to pass it by, knowing that they may not get a good deal. We will see a lot more action on your listings as long as we START the bidding at a FAIR price.
Q: I see that you are located in Ohio. Can I deliver my needlework/craft items to you personally?
A: YES! My Storage/Office facility is located about 30 miles East of Columbus. If you are able to deliver your items yourself, please send me an email, so we can discuss the arrangements. Or... maybe you live in Ohio, but have too many items to ship yourself. NO PROBLEM! Pick-up service is available! I own a large 16 foot Box Truck, and would be happy to discuss pick-up arrangements. Just send me an email including your address, with a brief description (plus photos if possible!) of what you'd like to sell (plus how many boxes of course). And I will get back with you shortly to discuss the arrangements.
Q: I am not from Ohio, but would love for you to sell my needlework/craft treasures. How do I get the merchandise to you?
A: I recommend UPS, Fed Ex, or the US Post Office. If you have a VERY large inventory, there are other shipping companies that will deliver your items on a pallet for "x" amount of dollars. Check your local yellow-pages (directory) to see if there are other shipping companies in your area.
Q: Some of my needlework kits have been opened. Can you still sell them?
A: YES! Whether your items are in new condition or used, as long as they are in good condition with nothing missing etc. ALL needlework sells! Don't pitch it, PACK IT!
Q: I have a lot of "left-over" yarns I'd like to sell. Most are new and unused, but some of my "stash" has partial skeins. Can you still sell them?
A: YES! Yarn is one of my best sellers, and it doesn't seem to matter much if they have been used or not.
Q: Once you've received my needlework/craft items, how long will it be before I see them listed on eBay?
A: It really just depends on how busy I am. The only way to be fair to you and others, is to accept items on a first-come-first-serve basis. Once I've finished listing all items from one seller, I move on to the next. Although sorting, separating, and photographing is very time consuming, you need not worry, my storage/office facility allows me all the amenities to list auctions quickly and efficiently. You will receive an email from me the DAY I've started your inventory. After that, it usually takes anywhere from 7-14 business days to start seeing your items listed on eBay (sometimes much sooner!) You will receive another email from me letting you know when I am finished with your auctions.
Q: I see that when you are selling patterns/charts, you list them in "lots". Do you ever list patterns/charts individually?
A: Not usually. Not only would this take forever to list, but I have found that by offering such patterns in "lots", it tends to bring in a LOT more offers.
Q: You mention that you can handle an entire store liquidation. Where do you store everything?
A: Excellent question! I work in a 2,000 square foot, climate controlled, pet free, smoke free office facility, filled with shelving units and tables. This is where I sort, separate, photograph and ship all auctions. This is NOT a retail shop. No one can enter the establishment to see what "needlework" items are up for auction. In fact, you cannot get in without a key! Your needlework/crafts will be kept safe and secure.
Q: I'm ready to start! What do I do now?
A: GREAT! Just send me an email with a description of your items (with pictures if possible!) to, tell me approximately how many boxes (or truck-loads!) you have. I will respond to your email quickly with my current availability.

STILL NOT SURE? Email me your questions or comments to:

eBay store: QueenOfAllCrafts

eBay store: QueenOfAllCrafts
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