Friday, April 22, 2011

Finally! I can work again! Still no stitching yet (sigh) But I have GREAT news to share! =]

Ok... first off (for those that read about my horrible hand-burning accident a
while back)... my poor little fingers have healed nicely. Only my middle finger
blisters broke. OUCH! The bandages are off now - YAY and it's back-to-work for
me. Which is exactly why I'm writing you all this post. I have wonderful news to
share! Read on...

While I was on my little unwanted vacation... I received box after box of

BEAUTIFUL needlework goodies from peeps all over the US!! I am just so grateful,
and feel so blessed to finally be able to take my biz to the next level! Believe
it or not... I have been running my new "internet run" business for a little
over a year now WITHOUT the INTERNET!! CRAZY... I know! But, for 1, computers
ARE expensive, and 2... my new "biz" is just that... a business. Internet and
phone hook-ups are OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive for business's. 

(For those who aren't sure what I'm talking about... I have turned my eBay store into a "Needlework Consignment Shop", basically... if you have too much needlework, and not enough time... I can sell your items on eBay for you! If you
go to my eBay store below, and then click-on the "consignment shop info" tab...
everything is explained how it works there. Including my commission scale)

When my hubby got laid off about 2 years ago... that's when I got serious about
helping others on consignment. I KNOW there are lots more peeps out there just
like me who have yarn, kits, patterns, mags etc... that you just don't need or
want any more. For Pete's sake... don't sell your treasures in a yard sale for
PENNIES... Let ME sell it for you. =]

But here's the thing.... (I'm sooo excited I can hardly stand it!!) Since I

learned about these needlework groups on yahoo... I have gained quite a few NEW
customers, who want ME to sell their needlework treasures for them on eBay!!!!
And let me just say... these wonderful peeps are not sending just one or two
items... oh no! They are being delivered to me by the BOX LOAD!! I can't wait to
show you all my new inventory!! I now have lots of finished cross stitch pieces,
a HUGE amount of Perle Cottons (I'm talking about 5 skeins each of about... 350
different colors!!) plus loads of HAND PAINTED needlepoint canvas's, tons of beautiful cross stitch patterns and books, wool yarns/threads, and SO MUCH MORE! 

So.......... (I'm gloating, I know! he he!) Thanks to having the most WONDERFUL
PARENTS IN THE ENTIRE WORLD.... (who just celebrated their 48th anniversary...)
I now have a new computer with BUSINESS internet and phone at my office!!!!


So, now that my hands have healed, and don't sting anymore... I'll be working

diligently this weekend taking pic's of all the new needlework goodies. I'll be
posting photos on my blog soon. I'll let everyone know when it's done.
I hope you ALL have a wonderful Easter!! I am so blessed that almost my entire
family is right here in Newark, Ohio! Everyone meets at mom and dad's for
dinner, thank goodness they have a large enough house... my brother, sister and
I all have children ranging from 6 - 22! I can't wait to see everyone!

Take care all!



PS: Some of you may see this post on other needlework groups... I don't think I

want to type it again - LOL! Thank goodness for copy & paste =]


website: COMING SOON

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eBay store: QueenOfAllCrafts
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