Sunday, April 17, 2011

OMG! I did the dumest thing last night!! OUCH!

I did the dumbest thing while making dinner last night! OK.... here goes... I turned the oven on for chicken breasts... laid the chicken on a cookie sheet (which was setting on the front burner), then I started some frozen corn and put them on the BACK burner (put it on high to boil).... fiddled around for a while till the oven beeped it was ready.... went to put the METAL cookie sheet in the oven............. and realized (as my hand is searing in excruciating pain!!!) that I accidentally turned on the FRONT burner!!!!!  OUCH!!!!  Let me just say.... it hurt soooooo bad! I do believe it was worse than giving BIRTH!!!  And, sadly.... I didn't just "touch" it, I picked it up!!!!  Yikes!!

YES!  I'm fine now, my fingers are completely wrapped.  Well... accept for my pinky... somehow my pinky survived this horrible ordeal - LOL!   My hubby (God love him!) took off to CVS Pharmacy, spoke with pharmacist, and they recommended this "silver" salve stuff.  And he asked her (after he told her what I did, of course)... "If YOU burnt the Hell out of YOUR hands... is this what YOU would use?" she said "YES!"  So, he bought it, and it works... although the pain is gone (thank you, God!) I cant actually USE my right hand  :(  YIKES!

(LOL... this is taking me forever to type)

Let me also say..... LESSON LEARNED!!!  I will ALWAYS double-check now!  And... THANK GOD it was ME and NOT Ben!!!!!  I'd never forgive myself!  I know accidents happen, but... OUCH!!!!!


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  1. Ouch! Glad to hear that the pain is being taken care of, but too bad that you've not got the use of your hand for a few days. I'm impressed that you managed such a coherant entry with only one finger - I'd lose track of my own thoughts if I tried that.


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