Saturday, April 9, 2011


Hello fellow needleworkers!  My name is Kathy, I am very much new to "blogging".  I have GREAT news to share...   My mom is Anne Oakleaf, owner of JAO Enterprises, Inc.  Many of you crocheter's probably remember seeing her ads in various needlework magazines.  Long story short... She is retired from her mail-order business... and has basically GIVEN me her entire inventory of her pattern leaflets! YEAH! This "inventory" consists of: 50 different "knit & crochet" pattern leaflets (all designed by mom!), lots of yarn, and 1000's of various needlework magazines.  I have NO idea what I'm going to do with all the magazines... But right now... I'd like to sell her collection of gorgeous knit and crochet pattern leaflets.

ALL of her wonderful leaflets can be seen in my eBay store, QueenOfAllCrafts (I'll include a link below to take you right to it).  PLEASE keep in mind... you do NOT have to purchase these through eBay!!!  You need only email me the titles of the leaflets your interested in (along with you email, and mailing address) and I will send you your total.  In the subject line of this email... please put "I'd like to order patterns".  If you live in the US.  My shipping/handling special right now is... buy any 4 or more of her leaflets... and your shipping/handling is FREE!!

Can't wait hear from you! Have a great weekend!


Website:  COMING SOON!


  1. Hi Kathy. I'm looking for a pattern by JAO enterprises for a Crochet Angel. It was an add in one of my Crochet World magazines. I would be interested in any information regarding this pattern. Thanks in advance. -Teresa

    My email is

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  3. I'm in search of a radiant rosey doll pattern from the 1991 JAO book can u please help me?


eBay store: QueenOfAllCrafts

eBay store: QueenOfAllCrafts
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