Sunday, April 10, 2011

Some of my favorites!

 These lovely afghans above are from mom's
"Mile-A-Minute Chain Link" pattern leaflet. $3.99

 This is one of my personal favorites!
This gorgeous afghan pattern can be found
in mom's "Amazing Star Afghans" pattern
leaflet for $4.99.  They are a lot easier to
make than they LOOK!  Talk about a 

 This is another gorgeous crochet pattern found in
mom's "Amazing Star Afghans" pattern leaflet.

 This is probably our most POPULAR crochet
pattern!  It's so popular, we printed in TWO different
leaflets - LOL!  This is the classic "Mile-A-Minute" pattern
you can find it in "Mile-A-Minute Afghan Collection", and
"Mile-A-Minute and Violets" pattern books.  Both retail
for just $4.99

This is the Large Star pattern found in the "Amazing Star Afghans"

 How fun is this!  This bright Rainbow afghan will brighten
up any room!  Crochet pattern can be found in mom's
"Rainbow Afghan" pattern for just $3.99
 Aren't these Santa stars fabulous!?  They work up so
quickly and easily!  Try different size yarns to make BIG 
Santas or SMALL ones!  This pattern leaflet "Santa is
A Country Star", comes with both knit & crochet
instructions!!  This leaflet sells for just $3.99

POODLE BOTTLE COVERS! To knit or crochet Just $4.99

I just LOVE how this one turned out!  It almost looks
tie-dyed!  I crocheted this one for my step-daughter.  
The pattern is in mom's PINEAPPLE SAMPLER 
leaflet for just $4.99.

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